Twin Creeks

Come Home to Nature



Where is Twin Creeks? Twin Creeks is located near the picturesque small village of Greenwood, about 65 miles from downtown Chicago, 15 miles south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and 6 miles north of Woodstock, Illinois. The community is served by Woodstock School District No. 200 and several Metra train lines.  Click HERE for a regional map.

When can I view a property? Please feel free to drive through Twin Creeks at your leisure. Contact Emy Brawley at 312-863-6274 or Aimee Collins at 312-863-6257 to arrange a private showing.

How do I know that Twin Creeks is a good investment? McHenry County is a desirable place for living, visiting, and retiring. Due to the county’s proximity to the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas and its blend of small-town character and country landscapes, the area is in demand for both permanent housing and vacation homes. Conservation subdivisions like Twin Creeks have become popular places to live in the past few decades and increasingly bring premium resale prices. Many have waiting lists of buyers who are seeking healthy, safe, green places to raise their families or retire.

What about McHenry County’s business and industry? As part of the Chicago, Rockford, and Milwaukee economic region, McHenry County has a diversified economy with global reach. Based on 2014 data, there were nearly 8,000 businesses in McHenry County with more than 84,000 employees. Construction was the largest of 20 major sectors in 2014, followed by retail trade and then professional, scientific, and technical services. Over the last decade, the manufacturing sector in the county has undergone a transformation toward more high-value goods with a heavy tech focus, along with machinery, electrical products, electronics, plastics, fabricated metals, printing, and medical supplies. McHenry County continues to offer unique communities for businesses and residents, along with quality jobs, bountiful recreation opportunities, and easy access to Chicago and Milwaukee’s cultural venues and markets.


What size homes are allowed in Twin Creeks? Under the existing Covenants and Restrictions, a minimum of 1,750 square feet is permitted for a one-story home and 2,250 square feet for a two-story home; below-grade areas are not included in square footage. All homes must be serviced by a garage of no less than two car capacity, as well as private well and septic. Designs will be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

What types of outbuildings and other structures are permitted? Under the existing Covenants and Restrictions, outbuildings are only permitted on lots 32, 48, and 50 and can be a maximum of 1,500 square feet. One-story sheds of no more than 160 square feet are permitted on Lots 1; 7-13; 38; 49; 50; 53; and 54. Fences, swimming pools, and other structures are permitted depending on specific restrictions for each lot. See the Covenants and Restrictions for more details.

Are there utilities on the property? Roads, electric, and cable are installed and available for each lot. Houses will require installation of private well and septic systems.

Can I choose my own builder? Any fine home builder is allowed to construct within Twin Creeks as long as the home design is fully approved by the Architectural Review Committee. Architectural guidelines are detailed in the existing Covenants & Restrictions.

Can I have animals on my lot? The existing Covenants and Restrictions prohibit breeding or keeping livestock, horses, poultry, or pitbulls, as well as breeding or keeping household pets for commercial purposes.


How can I be sure that the conservation land in Twin Creeks is permanently protected? The community’s open space shall be protected by a conservation easement to ensure that it will remain protected and undeveloped in perpetuity. The McHenry County Conservation District, the neighboring landowner and conservation partner, will conduct annual inspections to ensure the open space is not being harmed or misused, and may undertake restoration projects at the site to enhance wildlife habitat and the natural beauty of the space.

Will I actually own the buffers, wetlands, creek, and detention areas? Yes, owners of lots that incorporate detention areas, natural areas, and/or buffers own the property through deed. Owners would be responsible for the property taxes and insurance for these areas along with the rest of their property, while the Association is responsible for their maintenance. The Final Plat for Twin Creeks, as Amended, depicts which lots contain detention areas and buffers.

Is there a Homeowner’s Association? Yes, there will be a Homeowner’s Association in the future.

What are the annual Homeowner’s Association costs and responsibilities? The Association will be responsible for maintaining the entrance area, detention areas and their access, and any natural areas and buffers on the private lots. The Association will also secure and maintain insurance. The estimated annual budget for all Association activities and insurance is approximately $5,000, which divides out to $156 per year, based on 32 lots. Anticipated expenditures will cover annual landscape maintenance and periodic detention area maintenance (e.g. dredging) every five years.

What is the Special Service Areas assessment? The Covenants and Restrictions permit establishment of a Special Service Areas (SSA) assessment to provide maintenance and management of common and natural areas, access easements, detention areas, and buffers. The purpose of the SSA is to serve as a back-up in the event that the Association fails to maintain and manage these areas as they are required to do.

What amount of property tax would I likely be charged? Property taxes in Greenwood Township are assessed at one-third of fair market value. Therefore, property taxes in Twin Creeks will depend whether the lot is vacant or improved, and the nature and extent of any improvements. The Village of Greenwood does not charge a municipal tax.

What impact fees can I expect? All fees are payable at the time a building permit is issued, and include the following: a Village of Greenwood general impact fee of $1,000; a Greenwood Township road and bridge fee of $1,500; and a Woodstock School District 200 impact fee of $4,609.35 for a 3 bedroom residence or $5,639.71 for a 4 or 5 bedroom residence. Upon creation of the Homeowner’s Association, an additional special impact fee of $200 per lot per year for 12 years (or a one-time, lump-sum payment of $2,200 per lot) will be collected for the specific purpose of repaving the roads in Twin Creeks.


4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Emy, is there a required time for on to build, could one purchase and wait a few years or longer? Does the creek flood much of the property?
    Jim Planey

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your questions, Jim. There is currently no required time to build at Twin Creeks. Several current lot owners are planning their dream homes now, with the intent to start building a year or two out. Regarding your second question, all of the floodplain for the creek is located within a wetland buffer area, which is protected with a conservation easement and cannot be built upon. As with any floodplain, there is occasionally over-bank flooding, but it will not impact any residences.


  2. I want to build a 1,600 sq. ft. house. Are there size limits? Do houses have to meet certain architectural standards?


    • Hello Sean, thank you for your inquiry. The current covenants call for an architectural review committee for Twin Creeks once the subdivision is built out and turned over to the homeowners. In the meantime, Openlands controls the rules and we will be happy to work with you to make sure your plans can be realized. Feel free to call Emy Brawley directly to discuss any details!


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